Satyananda Yoga articles

Yoga in the field of Mental Health

An overview by Sannyasi Amarajyoti and Swami Satyaprakash


Introduction to Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga is an internationally renowned system of yoga developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage. It is a system of yoga that is firmly grounded in tradition and at the same time is deeply relevant to contemporary living.


Yoga, mantra and the power of prayer (part 1)

Many of us started to practise yoga at a time in life when our overt connection with the Church and/or institutional religion had long since passed. Maybe we grew up in families where adherence to religious practices was a ‘must’; perhaps we attended convent schools and/or Sunday schools as part of the family pattern. Or maybe, as teenagers, we had a private quest and a passionate relationship with God, before launching into working life or higher education with its fashionable agnosticism and attendant social life.


Yoga, mantra and the power of prayer (part 2)


Diksha or Initiation

The simple or common meaning of the word 'initiation' is 'to begin' or 'to start'. This new beginning involves a new perception and a desire to discover new things, and represents the effort that a person makes to go in that direction.


Lineage of Satyananda Yoga



‘Ordinary physical exercises develop the superficial muscles of the body only. Asanas are intended for the thorough exercise of the internal organs. Physical exercise draws the prana out. Asanas send the prana in and distribute it evenly throughout the body. Asanas are more than physical exercise. They bestow mental poise, help to control the emotions and confer spiritual benefits’

Swami Sivananda Saraswati