Satyananda Yoga Teachers:

We would love as many of you as possible to be included on this website (all of you who are teaching). This will help our feeling of connection and ability to guide people to appropriate classes around the UK.

If you want to apply, click on the green "Join now…" button and follow the application stages, choosing the "Teacher" option, when asked. (If you have any questions or difficulty, contact us and we will respond ASAP).

Note: Teacher applications require approval and receipt of payment before publication of your details on to the site. A few day after completing your application you will receive an email explaining approval and requesting payment.

Cost for teacher (includes profile, region and map listings, events facility):
— £20 for the first year
— £10 for subsequent years

About Satyananda Yoga UK

Satyananda Yoga UK (SYUK) is a network of Satyananda trained yoga teachers teaching in the UK.

Satyananda Yoga is an authentic, holistic system of yoga which helps people to find balance in all aspects of their lives: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a gentle, systematic approach and as such particularly useful for helping people to manage their stress and anxiety levels.

Satyananda Yoga teachers are committed to helping people to help themselves, to learn yogic tools to help cope with whatever life brings. They bring yoga to people in many different settings: sports halls, church halls, schools, prisons, hospitals, mental health institutes, ashrams, business premises…

What do we do with this website?

  • Develop and promote Yoga in the UK, in particular Satyananda Yoga.
  • Provide information to teachers and students of Satyananda Yoga events and classes and to keep up to date with relevant news and developments.
  • Provide administration and systems to facilitate and support the above work.

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